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Discover the

Best Way

to Fly!

Benefits of Gyroplanes:

Ease of use, ability to fly at

low speed and low altitude,

with low fuel consumption

Welcome to The Wingless Plane, New England Magni Gyro, your source for Magni Gyroplane training and sales in the Northeastern U.S.! Our goal is to provide our customers a utilitarian, exciting, and safe experience in the best gyroplanes available.
Sales and Training

We provide quality familiarization and instruction for those who already own, or intend to purchase, a Magni Gyroplane. Instruction and builder assist are also available for individual and public service fleet aircraft. Unfortunately, due to insurance costs, training solely for the purpose of a rating isn't a part of our program.


Introductory and familiarization flights available. For more information please call/text or complete the contact form below. 

About Us

Steve is a former USMC helicopter pilot/instructor, and graduate of Army IP Fort Rucker, 1986. He has been involved in aviation since 1971. Steve is the owner/operator of a Magni M-16, with access to an M-24 Gyroplane.

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